About Andy

It was whilst growing up in Portsmouth that I was first inspired to take up photography. Flicking through a copy of Kerrang! Magazine my imagination was fired by pictures of an Iron Maiden gig and shooting Maiden for Kerrang! became my ambition. Whilst my career went off in a different path, my passion for photography never dwindled. In 2005 I took up photography as my full time profession.

I started shooting for Kerrang! Magazine in 2013 and am loving every second of it. Since then I’ve shot 100’s of bands right across the UK from the Isle of Wight to Glasgow, in every size venue from a small pub in Barnsley to festival headliners.

2014 saw me achieve that boyhood ambition when I photographed Iron Maiden for Kerrang! Magazine.

As well as shooting gigs for Kerrang! Magazine,  I am a member of the Voting Panel for the Heavy Music Awards. I also lecture in photography, mentor fashion photographers, am a leading boudoir photographer, shoot weddings & portraits, and eat far too many Snickers.